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City of Grand Forks, ND

255 N 4th Street, Grand Forks, ND, 58201, US


City of Grand Forks Sump Pump Permit

Sump Pump Permit

In accordance with City Ordinance 4753 of the Grand Forks Municipal Code, the residential property identified below is requesting a seasonal sump pump/foundation drain waiver subject to the following conditions.

  1. The permit shall remain in effect as long as the property listed below remains eligible for a permit under City Code provisions or the property owner requests otherwise.
  2. Sump pump/foundation drain discharge to the sanitary sewer is prohibited from May 1 to October 14. Random, unannounced inspections by City staff or its designated representatives may be conducted during this period.
  3. Interior Residential Sump pump/foundation drain discharge to the sanitary sewer may be allowed from October 15 to April 30 with approved permit*.
  4. Multi-family Sump Pump/Foundation drain discharge to the sanitary sewer may be allowed from October 15 to April 30 with approved permit. These permits will be approved on a case by case basis by the Water Works Division and approvals will be responded to by email.(Call 701-746-2631 for more information).
  5. The property owner agrees to be charged an additional monthly fee on their utility bill if such charge is established by Resolution of the City Commission.
  6. The property owner agrees to strictly comply with the provisions of City Ordinance 4753 of the Grand Froks Municipal Code or be subject to the surcharge penalty for non-compliance.
  7. All connections to the sanitary sewer system shall be made by a plumber licensed by the City of Grand Forks. 

    *Exterior sump pumps or surface water connections are excluded in this application process. Call 701-746-2631 for more information.